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A fascinating exploration into the life and work of whale biologist and activist Roger Payne.Weaving together natural information on whales and biography, Billy Haney was able to created a riveting film, A Life Among Whales A Life Among Whales delves deeply into the unique relationship between humans and whales, it also shows whale hunting facts. A Life Among Whales allows people to contemplate, should whale hunting be banned? A Life Among Whales is told by renowned whale biologist and activist Dr. Roger Payne. For four decades Dr. Payne has advanced the boundaries of science and activism to ensure that in saving whales we humans can learn more about studying ocean animals facts.

It all began with his pioneering work showing information on killer whales in the 1970s documentary, song of the whale, which was the start of his study on whale facts like the types of whales and sea animals in the ocean pollution today. With a beautiful and haunting collection of whales pictures like killer whale pictures, gray whale pictures, and Orca whale pictures Dr. Payne allows the viewer to see interesting facts about whales by swimming with whales.

Dr. Payne has not only swam with a list of whales like Orca whales, grey whales, right whales, humpback whales, blue whales, toothed whales, and white whales, but he also an opponent against whale hunting. His goal is to stop whale extinction by presenting facts about whales through whale watching tours presenting fact about whaling history and the whale population.

As a result of Dr Payne ‘s efforts whale conservation programs directed towards how to save whales has increased. Facts about whales have also increased like whales are starting to become one of the most endangered ocean animals, why are whales endangered?  and discoveries of various kinds of whales which is all a result of  whale information.

Facts on how to swim with whales have also increased in the recent decades. Those that choose to undertake this task no longer to ask themselves, how big are whales? Because they have seen them up close. Although diving with whales is fast becoming a popular trend it is also highly dangerous, which is why Killer whale information is lacking in scientific studies. Facts on killer whales, beluga whale facts, and Arctic whales seem to lacking because of the temperatures of Arctic whales water environment and swimming with killer whales is potentially dangerous because of nature.

Although these whales are dangerous to track there are some whaling facts that scientist were able to gather like whale migration. For instance, when killer whale games, which is a group of killer whales, flock to a certain destination scientist know that there must a large amount of food available for the Killer whales. Scientist were also able to answer the question, how do whales communicate, specifically in this case Artic whales. When Artic whales are about to cross paths Artic whales send out a signal to other Artic whales watching out for their presence. Even though scientist were able to gather a large amount of killer whale facts there is still a lot to be discovered for scientist to have a complete collection killer whales facts.

Programs to save the whales have also increased with awareness to whales facts and the endangered whale population. People have discovered that to save the whale means to save the environment. Protesters want fishermen whale wars for bottle-nose whale skin, and minke whale meat to discontinue because of their barbaric whaling practices. Protesters want to save the ocean from Barbaric fishing practices that have caused endangered whales, like the Orca killer whale, to nearly become extinct.  

Getting the facts on whales is not as hard as it was before. Even children can look up information like killer whales facts for kids, facts about whales for kids, whale facts for kids, information on whales for kids,  all about whales for kids, humpback whale facts for kids, facts about blue whales for kids, and whales facts for kids. With this information children can learn facts about humpback whales, Orca whales facts, Orca whale facts, facts all about killer whales, where do killer whales live? where do whales live? and what are whales?

 The film forces us to question our stewardship of the Earth and our coexistence with some of its most intriguing creatures.

 With bonus features including theatrical trailers, short featurette ‘Lethal Sounds’ by Pierce Brosnan, exclusive interviews with Roger Payne and Director Bill Haney, and much much more!


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